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Welcome to
The Polite Pooch

Carly Sheck, CPDT-KA
Training & Behavioral Specialist

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From private sessions in your home to group classes in the park, no matter what you're looking for, we've got you covered.

Vizsla Dogs

Why Positive Reinforcement?

Our understanding of how dogs think, feel, and learn is constantly evolving. Heavy-handed approaches commonly used in dog training decades ago are now considered obsolete by the modern behavioral scientific community.

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About Us

Carly Sheck is a professional dog trainer holding CPDT certification, AKC Evaluator certification, and the founder of The Polite Pooch.  


Carly is a CATCH Canine Trainers Academy graduate and is currently the Adoptions Coordinator for A Good Dog Rescue where she has worked with hundreds of rescue dogs that have come through the facility.  She has a wealth of knowledge on dog behavior and focuses on working through the behavioral issues that often cause rescue dogs to be returned, such as leash reactivity, separation anxiety, fear aggression, etc.


In the past, Carly was general manager of Canine Kindergarten, Westchester County‘s largest and longest running dog daycare and boarding facility. She has volunteered for multiple rescues, including the Connecticut Humane Society, Westchester Canine Center, and two rescues in Indonesia, where she lived abroad for two years studying dog pack behavior.


Carly loves all dogs, but seniors are her favorite. She adopted 12-year-old Angelina Ballerina from A Good Dog Rescue in 2020.  

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